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Solution to RAID Repair

RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks is an advanced technology where multiple disks drives are combined in order to form a logical unit. The data is distributed across drives. But it may happen that sometimes you are unable to access data from the RAID devices. Moreover the whole setup being complex it is difficult in such situations without a professional guidance. Realtime Support Data Recovery comes into the picture in such situations. It has some of the most efficient and skilled engineers who are experts in RAID repair. They can instantly identify the issue and help in its resolution.

Some of the causes of RAID problems are Corrupted RAID, Unbootable systems, Missing partitions etc. But no need to worry as we can handle each issue with utmost care and precision. Our RAID repair process is not limited to a few manufacturers. We cover a broad array of manufacturers. Also we have a great deal of experience in both spanned and striped systems. We give the highest priority to RAID systems due to their importance and their value. The icing on the cake is in almost all the cases we require only the drives or storage devices to recover the data. Hence you can be sure that you will get the best of services from Realtime Support Data Recovery for repairing RAID array.

We provide solutions for all RAID problems like:

 RAID Data
  • Corrupted RAID
  • Drives offline
  • Unbootable Systems
  • Missing Partitions
  • Controller Failure
  • Physical Damage to one or more hard drive in the RAID
  • Single or Multiple Hard Drive Failure(s).
  • Damage to the RAID Volume or Container Information
  • Incorrect Re-build or Re-initialization of the RAID
  • Any other data loss

Our RAID data recovery process is one of the most efficient in the industry. To make sure that your data is safe, we mirror the complete drive volumes. After that only we perform a sector by sector transfer to our RAID recovery servers. We have proprietary software that extracts data from the image files, or if a drive image is difficult to create, reconstructs the data in the same way that a RAID rebuild process is performed. We make sure that the RAID array configuration is monitored at each and every stage. Our Lab technicians can properly diagnose a RAID system between 6 – 24 hours depending upon the number of drives contained in the RAID Array. The best part is that the diagnosis is free of charge. Therefore in an advanced technology like RAID you cannot risk going to just someone. It is extremely important that you go the best in the business. Your data is extremely valuable and we at Realtime Support Data Recovery understand that and our services reflect the same. So any trouble in your RAID systems you know where to go.

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The RAID Data Recovery Process

When recovering data from RAID arrays, we typically mirror the complete drive volumes and then process the total array as image files, to ensure all of your data is safe. Once we have completely transferred sector by sector information to our raid data recovery servers, we evaluate the array images to determine if corruption has occurred, and work on repairing it. Our proprietary software extracts data from the image files, or if a drive image is difficult to create, we simply reconstruct the data in the same way that a RAID rebuild process is performed. During all stages, we closely monitor the array configuration and array file system to determine why exactly the array failed. This information may be critical to future RAID systems your company may set up. Our Lab technicians can properly diagnose a RAID system between 6 – 24 hrs depending upon the number of drives contained in the RAID Array. And as always, the diagnosis is free of charge. Get instant data recovery evaluation for your RAID.

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